Stork Pool

The StorkCam

Stork Pool is using the proceedings from its Cardano stake pool to support the nature center at the Pfäffikersee. Our first donation, a high quality outdoor webcam, has been installed by the volunteers of the nature center and its Live-Stream can be viewed below.


If you want to find out more about Cardano or its native token ADA then please have a look here.


Our nodes are run under professional management. We monitor them continuously and will proactively upgrade them when the network load becomes higher.


We are doing this for the greater good. The earnings that would normally go to the staking pool operator now go to a good cause. You will still get the same great return on your stake.


And last but not least; for the birds! Not only Charles loves his birds. Our local storks conquered a special place in our hearts. By staking with storkpool you help us in taking care of them.


Our nodes have the highest level of security. Apart from 'good security practices' we implemented DDoS protection, Snapshot Technology and advanced monitoring software.


We only use great hardware. At the moment we are running 3 nodes with each 6 AMD EPYC CPU Cores, 16 GB RAM, 400 Mbit/s Ports and 400 GB fast SSD.


With currently over 15'000'000 ADA staked at STORK, we keep our margin at 0% and the fixed fee at the absolute minimum. Stake with us and you will make a great return. Both in cash and karma.

Do you own ADA and do you want to earn interest by staking? Then this is what we offer:

Supporting Naturzentrum Pfäffikersee by donation


Naturzentrum Pfäffikersee provides education and takes care of a beautiful nature area. If you own ADA you can support the Naturzentrum by staking with STORK pool.