Stork Pool

How to stake with Daedalus

Daedalus is the “official” Cardano wallet, and you can download it for free from ( Only download directly from the Daedalus website!


If you want to learn how to stake ADA with Daedalus, the most straightforward way to do this is to simply download the wallet application, install it, and follow the instructions provided within the software itself.


However, very basically, staking ADA on Daedalus works like this:


  1. Open the Daedalus Wallet app. The first time you open the app it downloads a copy of the blockchain to your computer. This will take several hours so make sure you have something else to do in the meantime.
  2. Navigate to the Rewards and Delegation section of the wallet using the navigation icons on the left-hand side. It will be the network icon, the second one listed.
  3. Once you are in the rewards section of Daedalus, you will see an option for Delegation Center. When you select this tab, you will see a list of your wallets and their delegation status.
  4. Select which wallet you would like to delegate from and click on the word ‘delegate’ for that wallet. A dialogue box will appear that prompts you to select your wallet and hit continue to proceed.
  5. Once you hit continue, you will be directed to select your stake pool. You can type in the name of a pool you want to join or you can browse the list of available pools. For example, to join Stork Pool, you would type in: STORK or Stork Pool to find our pool. To explore various stake pools, you can click on a pool’s ticker to view performance metrics, fees, and other information about that pool.
  6. After you find the pool you want to delegate to, simply click on the pool and hit continue.
  7. You will be prompted to enter your spending password to approve the pool delegation and the small fee associated with it. NO ADA will be moved from your wallet other than the nominal transaction fee.
  8. You can redelegate your stake to another pool at any time, though changes during an epoch will not be reflected until after that epoch completes. You can see a running real-time countdown of the epoch in the delegation center option.


These basic steps will be similar across all Cardano wallets that support stake pool delegation, though each will have its own specific setup. Although Daedalus offers some advantages by having a copy of the blockchain available on your computer, it is definitely more time-consuming than other options.


Daedalus does allow users to browse stake pools, their rankings, and their performance metrics from inside Daedalus instead of having to reference an outside source such as