Stork Pool

How to stake with AdaLite

When it comes to how to staking ADA Cardano on AdaLite, the process is pretty simple. ADALite is the leanest of the reputable ADA wallets out there, but there are also many hoaxers who attempt to copy the look and feel of this wallet in an attempt to trick users into providing access to their funds. As such, please be sure to always check that you only use the AdaLite wallet from the official AdaLite website:


ADALite is a software wallet with hardware wallet support for select Trezor and Ledger devices. Again, please only buy these devices directly from the manufacturers themselves, as third-party sellers may have compromised their built-in security measures.


Once you have installed AdaLite onto your computer or hardware wallet, follow these simple ADA staking instructions:


  1. To create or access your wallet, you must enter your ADA pass phrase (aka mnemonic password) or open the ADA app in your Tresor or Ledger device.
  2. Click the “Unlock” button.
  3. The wallet interface is now open. To send ADA coins to your wallet, follow the instructions at the bottom of the opened page.
  4. Manually enter the ID number for the staking pool you wish to join (i.e. Stork Pool, which can be found at pool ID 17fa4d6590f413e5b699ae8c859c32ef427e95b81f167e1a2dc3c2f1). If you do not input a stake pool ID, your wallet will default to an AdaLite stake pool option.
  5. Once you have entered your preferred stake pool ID, you simply hit the delegate button and voila, you’re on your way to earning rewards.


That’s all there is to it when staking Cardano with the AdaLite wallet. Many users prefer using AdaLite thanks to its hardware wallet support and easy interface, but it is not any better than Daedalus or Yoroi, nor is it any safer or more reputable.

That said, both of these other wallets also support hardware wallets with their newest software iterations, though AdaLite hardware integration is still the simplest.