Stork Pool

IT Stork brings in the specialism. Working in several IT jobs over the last 15 year he takes care of the technical side of the pool.


Ms. Stork is the driving force behind the content and translations. She is the one that came up with the name of the pool. Storks always bring a smile to her face.

Mr. Stork is the one who introduced Cardano to the group. Being a crypto enthusiast since 2019 he taught himself all the skills necessary to run a pool.


Ms. Stork

IT Stork

Mr. Stork

About us

Our Story

After gaining thorough knowledge of the Cardano ecosystem on the testnet, STORK pool went live on 28.03.2021.


We are a group of enthusiasts that believe in the long term goals of Cardano and want to contribute to the project as well using the opportunity to do some good. We chose to support a small charity so we can directly see the impact of our work.




Meet the team

To make sure that the benefits we gain from this stake pool are used well we are working closely together with the management of the Naturzentrum and their volunteers.


As a first project we donated a high quality webcam that enables us to share a live stream of the storks nest. That way we can observe the nest and enable everyone to enjoy this spectacle of nature.


Not only will it be interesting to follow the storks but we will also be able to create awareness for the Naturzentrum and the importance of nature in our daily life.


As we, at the time of donation, did not have enough ADA staked at our pool, this project has been financed from our own money. A second donation of almost 200CHF is now on its way to also cover the costs of a new network switch and cabling.


We have quite some ideas on projects involving nature education and awareness but need your support to realize them. If you own ADA and, apart from having a great return, want to put it to good use, we would really like it when you decide to stake with us!


You can follow our progress on Twitter: @Stork_pool